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SafeTop™ Galvanized Steel

Metal edging creates a clean-cut, professional-looking edge to a lawn, flowerbed or gravel yard. It helps contain and separate plants, mulch, and gravel. It is more stable in ground movement conditions than concrete, paver or brick edging.


SafeTop™ galvanized steel landscape edging offers a safe, permanent edge around beds, walkways, and more. The GatorStake™ landscaping stakes cover the top joint of the edging, creating a smooth edge. This makes the SafeTop™ landscape edging safe for children and pets. 

The 4-foot sections of SafeTop™ landscape edging lock together on the ends for ease of installation and handling. The GatorStakes™ have serrated ends that lock into any type of soil to hold the SafeTop™ edging secure. SafeTop™ landscape edging can be hand bent to form corners or shaped into arcs, circles, and other curved designs.

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