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GatorStake™ Landscaping Stakes

With our patented GatorStake™ and GatorStake Driver™, you can drive the stake into hard soil. With the gator-like teeth on the ends of the GatorStake™, you can count on it staying put, eliminating the need to continuously push them down throughout the year.
With our landscape edging products, you save TIME and MONEY on your landscape projects so you have more time to enjoy your outdoor living space.


GatorStake™ Features:

  • Heavy galvanized steel
  • 5 times the drive strength of round pins when using the GatorStake™ Driver
  • 3 times the pullout power of round pins
  • Snug fit on edging
  • Smooth top edge
  • Ships Flat


US Patent D801-764S | Canadian Patent – 171437 | Other US and Foreign Patents Pending. These products are made locally in Fort Lupton, Colorado